Company Profile

Our History

Inspired by the founders’ travel experiences and love of food, Firefly was established in 2011 in Jabal Amman with the aim of providing customers with an unforgettable, mouth-watering experience.

By using the highest quality of ingredients in our burgers and sauces, our business is continuously growing and the meaning behind our slogan remains true “Above All Burgers”

Our Mission

At Firefly, we take pride in serving customers freshly made burgers that are bursting with flavor in a cozy and homelike atmosphere.

Our Vision

To be the leading restaurant in the fast food industry that combines a high quality experience while maintaining reasonable prices.


Our friendly staff, good vibes, and restaurant aesthetic will make you feel right at home. Custom- ers will create long lasting memories while enjoying their food at Firefly.

Our Products

At Firefly, there is something for everyone. Using special and unique recipes, we provide a wide variety of burgers and appetizers for customers to choose from that will leave them wanting more.

We are committed to serve only the freshest and highest quality ingredients in all our items. At Firefly, we use Wagyu and Angus beef for our burgers and source our vegetables from reputable and top of the line farms.

Customer Loyality

Loved by foodies, families and celebrities, we at Firefly are devoted towards providing our customers with the best dining experience. By continuously providing new items to enjoy while maintaining the high standards of our original recipes, customers will always find quality and creativity at Firefly.


Cheese Station

Our popular Cheese Station, which was dubbed by several international blogs and food reviewers as the reason why Firefly makes dreams of cheese fans come true, provides customers with three different food experiences. The Cheese Injection, The Cheese Volcano, and The Smoking Gun. These unique add ons went viral on social media and helped put Firefly on several must try burger lists.

FIREFLY Around The World

With 52 branches in 14 countries, Firefly is continuously expanding with plans to open another 6 branches in 2022.