Meat lovers go too! 2*150 grams with sweet chilli sauce, caramelised onions and firefly sauce making this a well-known meal for any Firefly fan. 


A bit smoky! 200 grams of angus burger, bacon, smoked cheese, and firefly sauce. 


Our signature! 150 grams of the finest meat with beef bacon, caramelised onions, pickles, and our secret firefly sauce, making it a meal to remember, try it, and don’t keep it a secret. 


On a diet? We got you, 150 grams of fresh meat with keto buns, you can Firefly on a diet!


A spicy head? This one's for you! Injected with hot sauce 2*150 grams of fresh meat mixed with chilli, chilli sauce lava, and finishing off with jalapeños.  


The original American style, egg, bacon, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, and the fresh beef patty make it a rich meal to satisfy your cravings. 


Your stocks are up with 150 grams of fresh meat, wall street sauce, fresh mushrooms and a mix of cheese! 

Wagyu burger 

A special treat for our fans! 110 grams of the finest beef, potato bun, American cheese, and the freshest ingredients, treat yourself or your pales with Firefly Wagyu burger. 

Brisket Sandwich 

Change it up a bit! 100 grams of meat cooked to perfection, Wall Street sauce, fresh mushrooms, lettuce, black secret sauce and a special bread for our special customers. 

Hony onion burger

For the sweet lovers! Freshly cooked 150 grams of fresh meat, honey mustard sauce and caramelized onion! 

Classic burger 

A classic! 100 grams of fresh meat, lettuce, pickles, caramelized onions, mayo & ketchup, and cheddar cheese. When you say burger surely the classic is always in mind. 

Mystic burger

A bit smokey and sweet! Freshly cooked 150 grams of fresh meat, BBQ sauce and caramelized onion!

Bucharest grilled 

A fan of grilled chicken? we got you covered with the same Bucharest sandwich but 200 grams of grilled chicken breast. 

WallStreet Chicken burger 

Your stocks are still up with Wall Street chicken burger, the same Wall Street but for the chicken lovers! 

Carthage chicken burger 

A mouth-watering meal! 200 grams of fried chicken with a Tunisian thyme sauce with coleslaw a mix of the crisp and the juiciness. 

bucharest crispy chicken

A unique meal for a Firefly fan! 200 grams of crispy chicken breast topped with turkey and the special Bucharest sauce.  


Not a fan of burgers and sandwiches? You can still Firefly with Heisenberg a mix of grilled chicken strips, Wallstreet sauce, potatoes, corn and parmesan cheese.

Healthy Meal

Looking for a healthy meal? Enjoy fresh mushrooms, broccoli, and grilled chicken breast, with freshly shredded parmesan.

ceasar SALAD

Chicken caesar salad


Chicken wings

chicken cubes



Wedges fries

french fries

crazy 8 

Chilli Cheese


Curly fries

chicken kids meal

beef kids meal